edit 09 Feb 2014

Why Sharing Knowledge Is So Important?

People are so different! You and your friends, coworkers and those guys that you follow on twitter. You can’t even imagine how much your life is different. They know what you don’t. They can do stuff that you can’t do. We all have different experiences. And this is awesome!

Right now I’m not talking about some kind of social media sharing such as exchanging cute kittens on YouTube. Serious things. Work. There is one thing to mention. No one can build something really big alone. You must cooperate! When you share, you invest in people and that’s priceless: for them, because they become more skilled and more valuable employees, and for you, because now they can help you achieve more together. In addition this will help you make new friends and useful relationships. It is a win-win situation.

It is important to remember that some of your small day-to-day tasks are carried out by you automagically and have become a habit. That means that they are pretty darn effective and must be shared with your team asap! Just stop for a minute and think about what you are doing unconsciously and try to formalize and document it. It can save your team a lot of time!

For example, as part of this knowledge sharing, you should also share your software settings. People often commit those in their project VCS to help newcomers fit into guidelines without much effort. Here is mine dotfiles. I created this repo when I started using linux systems. Some of them I’ve put together by myself, but for the most part they were taken from other people like @veged, @mishanga, @paulirish, @addyosmany and @mathiasbynens. For now almost all my Mac OS boilerplate setup can be done automatically with those scripts. I definitely have to write a post about them another time, but the point is that I would never discover much of this stuff by myself. BTW, thank you guys!

You should not want to be indispensable at your work. It can stop you from being promoted. Maybe you already heard about Bus Factor? That’s why sharing personal knowledge is so important. You should increase that number so much as you can.

Now go and tweet this. And write a post about something from your experiences that excites you for real. Share it.

And have a nice day!